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SKYBEY® is a trusted air freight company in KIEV. We proudly transport shipments of all types across any distance within Ukraine, from across to across all the World.

SKY BEY established in 2020 with our more than a decade experience in air freight.


The following are the services that SKYBEY® provides:

  • Worldwide Freight Services
  • Transportation Trucks within all in Ukraine, Europe and Turkey
  • Consolidate Shipments
  • International forwarding goods in Air Cargo
  • Outbound and Inbound Brokerage
  • Bulk shipments in air cargo
  • Trucking Door to Door Network in EU
  • Charter Flights operations
  • Freight consolidation
  • Packing goods for transportation
  • Packing services and storage services
  • Air Freight document preparation
  • Storing goods prior to and after freight
  • Physical distribution consulting
  • Logistics consulting